Peter Blais

Tom Alway


The Maritime Painted Saltbox
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Greetings. We are the two artists responsible for what you are seeing on these pages of our website. We moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario in 1997. Both of us had family who were born in Nova Scotia. Peter's maternal grandfather was a Cape Bretoner and became the first Park Superintendent of Cape Breton National Park. Tom's paternal grandmother was born in Greenfield, Lunenburg County, just a short distance from where we now live.

We settled for eight years in the seaside town of Mahone Bay, Lunenburg County, about an hour from Halifax. We purchased and restored a heritage cape and established the Maritime Painted Saltbox Gallery

Our home-based gallery featured, not only the furniture we had designed and built, but also our contemporary fine art and folk art.

Over the eight years several thousands of visitors passed through the gallery and house. We were featured twice on HGTV, Design for Living and In the Workshop.

In 2005, looking to expand, we moved to the picturesque village of Petite Riviere, about a half hour further down the shore from Mahone Bay. We acquired a century house and barn which we quickly converted to gallery/workshop space with four showrooms on two floors.

We are inspired by the colour, ingenuity, and hard work of this rural community with roots stretching back for 250 years. Both agrarian and seafaring, it continues to inform our work.

The Maritime Painted Saltbox celebrates its
16th season in 2014 on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

We have become a gem (one of the best of)
and a destination for the Regional Municipality of Lunenburg. Open year ‘round. Daily from May through October 15th and then by chance or appointment. Take a quick tour of our gallery here:

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